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Quality & Safety Initiatives

Quality Initiatives

Main Steel’s customers come first, and we have instituted many programs over the years to meet their varied and unique requirements. Quality plays a very important role in our company’s relationship with our customers. To fulfill our goals and meet our customers’ needs, Main Steel has implemented a range of programs involving our management and staff who systematically evaluate our overall performance. Our facilities are currently certified to ISO 9001-2015.

Through ongoing, company-wide education programs, we continue to strengthen our knowledge base to meet our customers’ needs. This allows us to maintain the highest possible level of service while developing and perfecting innovative technologies to meet the changing demands of the marketplace.


Safety Initiatives

Main Steel has been consistently rated high in the industry for its safety record and continuing safety programs. We continue to devote significant resources throughout our facilities on safety initiatives such as enhanced guarding, upgrading safety features of our equipment, training and proactive measures designed to keep our customers and employees safe. In addition, Main Steel participates in environmental programs to ensure the surrounding communities remain environmentally safe for all to enjoy today and well into the future.


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